I am Fleurien Dingemans, and as an artist, I am inspired by the Dutch Old Masters flower still life painting tradition. My focus is to create contemporary and modern art pieces, but with my knowledge of traditional art techniques and styles, I can create something that is both timeless and innovative.

Through my use of various materials, I create a balance between the natural and modern world. By weaving together different textures and materials, my paintings bring new life to this traditional art form, inviting viewers to appreciate the beauty of nature in a contemporary and exciting way.

My art is a culmination of my passion for the natural world and my dedication to my craft. Each painting is a testament to my determination to push the boundaries of traditional art practices while staying true to the core foundations of this timeless art form.

In the end, my artwork is a reflection of my deep connection to the world around us. I hope that my paintings inspire others to see the extraordinary in the mundane and to appreciate the beauty and complexity of nature in a new and innovative way.

As an artist, my work is an exploration of the ways in which traditional and contemporary art practices can intersect and inform each other. By using materials and techniques from different art movements, I hope to create a dialogue between past and present, and explore how these different styles can work together to create something new.

One of my favorite techniques is to mix drawings and drawing materials with other materials such as oil paint, graffiti, and gold leaf. This allows me to build a layered complexity to my work, while at the same time infusing contemporary themes with a deep sense of history and tradition.

I begin many of my pieces with a foundation of pen and ink drawing or colored pencil, but as I work, I introduce different textures and mediums. This adds a richness and depth to the surface, which is both visually striking and thought-provoking. I also use traditional oil painting techniques, which provide a beautiful and soft tonality to the work.

The addition of graffiti art elements brings a sense of modernity to my work, and I love the way it interacts with the more traditional elements. By playing with different visual planes, I create a tension between the foreground and background, which is both dynamic and intriguing.

In the black and white series Fallen Flowers, which features flowers made with charcoal, the medium itself reinforces the theme of the work. The stark contrast between the dark charcoal and the delicate, ephemeral flowers serves as a metaphor for the fragility of life and the inevitability of death.

I'm excited to share my upcoming projects with you. I've been experimenting with mixed media and exploring new themes. I can't wait to unveil them and see how they're received. Stay tuned for updates!

1-4th of June, NockNock art fair, Sudio de Hallen, Amsterdam, Boot 1Q

To buy or learn more about my artworks, please contact me by email or phone. I'll gladly provide info on availability, prices, and sizes, and answer your questions. Thank you for your interest.



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Rijnsburgstraat 74, Amsterdam NL